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Should I Paint the Brick Exterior of My Home?

June 3, 2023

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a man painting the brick exterior of his home

Painted brick is a timeless and iconic look—all across the world, people have invested time and effort into painting the brick exteriors of their homes to achieve magnificent, trendy results. However, you might be on the fence about undergoing this project yourself. Keep reading to learn more about some of the unique benefits of painting your brick exterior so that you can feel confident about beautifully transforming your home!

Benefits of Painted Brick

At this point in time, it’s pretty safe to assume that painted brick will never go out of style; brick is a sturdy construction material that withstands the test of time and the forces of Mother Nature, and it can easily be customized and painted to meet a variety of different needs. Here are just a few of the many benefits that you’ll gain access to when you paint your home’s brick exterior:

  • Painted brick provides your home with a protective barrier since brick on its own is porous. The paint layer safeguards the brick surface from water damage, wind erosion, dirt and dust entry, and even UV ray damage.
  • Even though brick is durable, it will still require regular maintenance and cleaning—however, the protective layer formed by the paint also significantly facilitates the cleaning process.
  • Since painted brick is highly customizable and offers beautiful results, it’s a major selling point for homeowners looking to put their houses on the market.

Reasons To Be Cautious About Exterior Brick Painting

As with any type of paint project, there are a few reasons you’ll want to be a little cautious about painting your brick exterior. The main one is permanency; painting a brick home is more or less irreversible, so you should be certain that you feel good about your desired outcome. This isn’t necessarily a con, but it’s still worth considering. Additionally, painted brick can quickly accumulate filth and look dirtier than unpainted brick, meaning that you’ll want to be sure it’s cleaned and pressure-washed often. Finally, you’ll need to repaint the brick every 5 to 7 years to prevent cracking, peeling, chipping, or moisture infiltration.

Should I Paint My Brick Exterior?

The bottom line is that if you desire to alter the entire look of your brick house with relatively little time and money, painting your brick exterior is an excellent option. Not only that, but you’ll also gain access to many distinct benefits with virtually no risk to your home. If you’re ready to embark on this path, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a team of professionals to ensure that your project’s results meet all of your desired standards!

About Platinum Painting of Arlington

Here at Platinum Painting of Arlington, our talented team has helped hundreds of homeowners in Arlington and the surrounding area completely transform the brick exteriors of their homes! If you have any questions about the blog or you’d like to get in touch with our team for additional information or to set up a consultation, feel free to contact us today! Telephone: (817) 983-7280.  

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